Our Christmas 2012 | Life at Home

Christmas.  I can hardly believe it's already over!  This was our first year as a family of four, and while our Christmas morning was low-key, it was a sweet time for our little family.  While our kids are still young, my husband and I are trying to decide on what family traditions we'll carry on from our own childhoods and which ones we'll start ourselves.  We desperately want the birth story of Jesus not to be overshadowed by presents and lights, and instilling that in our children will be a task we'll welcome in the years to come.   I'm already looking forward to next Advent season, when they are a little bit older and we can start some new traditions.

Eisley decided a couple of days before Christmas that it would be fun to go ahead and open some gifts on her own.  Lucky for us, she was more excited about opening her re-wrapped gifts the second time.  Easton, on the other hand. was much more excited about the paper-tearing and bows than anything else.

I hope Christmas was a sweet time for you all as well.  Here's looking forward to what 2012 will have to offer!