India: The Children

"Sister, one photo please!!" was a phrase I heard quite a bit when visiting the kids at Vision Nationals.  They were so sweet, welcoming and respectful, and absolutely loved having their pictures taken.  If you pay attention, you may even notice a few faces that seemed to pop up in just about every shot.  Some were shy, some were show-offs, but all were eager to tell us about their studies, teach us their name, and share with us their dreams about becoming doctors, police officers, teachers and engineers.

The VN campus is home to the Master's Home for Children, providing spiritual, physical, emotional and educational needs for over 140 children who live there, many of which are either orphans or come from very poor families that are unable to meet their needs.  The children attend the Master's School, where the following photos were taken, along with hundreds of other children from the surrounding area.  When the children living in the Master's Home complete their High School education in the 10th grade, Vision Nationals continues to support them through college as well.  With a college degree, the cycle of poverty for these kids is essentially broken. If you haven't already, please take a few minutes to read more about the mission of Vision Nationals.

Information on how to sponsor one of the Master's Home children can be found here.  

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