A Glimpse of Gather | The Table


This past weekend Gather took place out in East Texas.  Gather is a creative women's retreat that I, along with two friends, have been planning for the last few months.  In short, the weekend was amazing--all that I had dreamed it would be and more.  In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing many posts about the weekend.  But, because it will take me a bit of time to go through all of the images I took {which was a lot more than I normally do}, and because I need to nap today while my kiddos nap, I just wanted to share one for the time being.

The picture above was our Saturday evening meal/collaboration project we called "The Table".  Beautiful setting, beautiful women, and delicious food enjoyed under a setting sun--that's the things dreams are made of, the kind of thing you see in movies.  But this was real life.  It was bliss.