Diaper Cream | Friend and Foe

Perhaps there was a bit too much giggling coming from their room.  Perhaps I was naive to think their laughter was the result of tickles and other sorts of friendly sibling play.  Perhaps I should have peeked into the room just a few moments earlier than I did.

Because as much fun as they were having, and as funny {and cute} as it was, there is a purposeful use for diaper cream and use as a hair styling product is not it.  You see, the purpose of diaper cream is to block moisture from the skin--it's really quite helpful to keep a rash at bay.  However, it also means that it is nearly impossible to wash out of hair.  It's like it was just sitting on top of Easton's head as he sat in the bathtub, laughing at my feeble attempts to remove it with baby shampoo and a comb.  And although it was a battle, I do proudly proclaim I won.  That little boy is now sleeping soundly with a clean head of hair.  It only took about 30 minutes and 20 rounds of shampoo to accomplish.


It was one of those moments when I just had to laugh, grab my camera and take a picture because this is one of those "someday it'll be funny" sort of things; maybe not today, but someday.  Like, maybe tomorrow.