Bum Eyes and Trolley Rides

Today marks 7 years that Brandon and I have been married.  That's roughly 2,555 days, not accounting for leap years.  A lot can happen in seven years, and a lot has.  A move to Dallas, completion of a seminary degree, the loss of three grandparents and two babies due to miscarriage, and the joyful births of two more.  Though we've definitely seen some difficult days, the good far outweigh the bad.  And sometimes we need the bad days to remind us and make us aware of the good.  I have much more to say about the sanctification that marriage and parenthood brings, but for now I'll save it for a future post.  

Instead, I'll share a few pictures from our family date night last week.  Our family has seen it's fare share of eye ailments over the last month, including styes, infections and bug bites {as seen on Eisley below}.  Somehow, I've been the only one unaffected.  We took the kids for a Trolley ride in West Village, followed by dinner and gelato.  And sometime soon, I'll make sure to be included in some of the pictures, rather than just taking them :0)