Ducks and Swings | Summer at the Park

If you take a peek at what I post most often, you'll learn one thing very quickly.  I photograph my kids often, usually while they're simply living their little lives.  And although I'm honestly not sure how interesting the pictures are to those who may be reading this, they are very special to me.  I get one chance to watch my kids grow up. One chance to pour into them the things my husband and I feel are important and know to be true.  Simply taking them to the park, talking about how God made all the trees and the bugs and the ducks is a responsibility I don't take lightly.  I've fallen in love with them and grateful that I've also fallen in love with photographing them while we explore the world together.

This particular evening began with a walk through the woods of a lovely little park near our house.  We brought animal crackers along as a snack, which soon became dinner for the ducks instead.

Then we finished up the evening on the swings, full of sweat, bug bites, and smiling faces.