Everis // Six Months

Last weekend, my husband and I celebrated 12 years of marriage. If someone would have told us twelve years ago that someday we would have four children, I'm not sure we would have believed it. Four would have seemed like a lot. And it is. In fact, I cried for a solid week when I took that positive test last April. Just that morning, we had been laying out our plans for the future and another baby was honestly not in my plan. Pregnancy is uncomfortable, birth is painful, and newborn sleepless nights are downright exhausting. But God's plans? They have been proven better than mine yet again. 

This baby girl has brought so much joy into our home. Adored by her three older siblings, and always ready to smile, she is simply a delight. The capacity of the human heart to grow with the addition of each child is baffling to me. You think with the first, there's no possible way you can love another child the same. Then the second comes along, and he's just as adored as the first. Then again it happens with the third, and now fourth. So yes, four kids would have seemed impossible twelve years ago. But goodness..I'm so glad that my plans didn't work out. 

Everis Anne Barker, you're pretty great.

A Warm December

On a warm December day, we ventured out so I could film and photograph my little family. I've been wanting to experiment with video for some time because, while I adore a still photograph, I also adore the giggles and gestures that can't be captured in a single moment. It is shaky and imperfect and at times out of focus, but it's my attempt at holding onto memories of these little ones in the best way I know how. 

Caroline // Five Years Old

The gift of friendship is one of life's greatest treasures.  Caroline's family are some of our nearest and dearest friends; our kids have grown up together and we don't intend on letting geographic distance interfere with even the youngest of friendships.  She is sassy and sweet, and we are so glad she gets to visit family in Houston so we can see her whenever she comes into town.

I have photographed Caroline for all five of her birthdays.  Last week, while her family was in town, we met outside the Heights library for this quick session before she headed back to Dallas. And thought it was not nearly a long enough visit, it was at least enough for her to be her in front of the camera.   

Knox // One Year Old

This is our buddy Knox.  He turned one last week, just a few days before my baby girl.  Because of the cold and wet weather we've been having, we decided to use the same indoor location as Emelia's session {seen here}.  Turns out living in an apartment has it's perks when the resident lounge goes largely unused and has big windows and great old wooden flooring.  

Here's Knox, and his serious outlook on turning one.     


These five have been buddies since birth.  One of the hardest parts of our move back to Houston was leaving such dear friends in Dallas.  Explaining to our kids (even three months later) that we can't just go over to their houses on a whim is sad, but when we do have a chance to see them it's like they haven't missed a beat.  And while we know new friendships are already being built here, there will always be something extra sweet about these.  

Maybe, just maybe, someday some of these snapshots will be part of a rehearsal dinner slideshow.  That would be a fun story to tell. 

Ducks and Swings | Summer at the Park

If you take a peek at what I post most often, you'll learn one thing very quickly.  I photograph my kids often, usually while they're simply living their little lives.  And although I'm honestly not sure how interesting the pictures are to those who may be reading this, they are very special to me.  I get one chance to watch my kids grow up. One chance to pour into them the things my husband and I feel are important and know to be true.  Simply taking them to the park, talking about how God made all the trees and the bugs and the ducks is a responsibility I don't take lightly.  I've fallen in love with them and grateful that I've also fallen in love with photographing them while we explore the world together.

This particular evening began with a walk through the woods of a lovely little park near our house.  We brought animal crackers along as a snack, which soon became dinner for the ducks instead.

Then we finished up the evening on the swings, full of sweat, bug bites, and smiling faces.

Olivia at the Beach | Photo Session

Summer has arrived!  Sand, sun, heat and humidity were all waiting with open arms to greet my family to Houston last week, along with the opportunity for two quick photo shoots. Here's a look at the first one, little Olivia.  I believe this is the fourth time I've photographed her, and each time her hair is longer and lovlier, and she moves just a little bit quicker.

While this session took place at Sylvan Beach in La Porte, I wonder if there would be any interest from those in the Gulf Coast area for Bolivar Beach Fall Sessions.  If that sounds appealing to you, would you leave me a comment below?  Sometimes it's nice to venture away from the beloved wooded backgrounds I typically shoot, and the beach is much more bearable when the weather isn't quite so cruel.  

After the Rain | Eisley and her boots

A few days ago after a rain-filled morning, Eisley strapped on her rainboots and we went for a walk.  Our adventure started out simply.  I let her play in a puddle, which is usually a no-no.  She enjoyed herself right up until her foot slipped into a hole in the neighbor's flower bed and she landed thigh-high in water.  Here's a taste of our outing before it met its unfortunate, water-soaked end...