A Quick Before and After | 2012 Yearbook Project | Life at Home

I want to share a quick before and after of an image I took of Eisley a few days ago.  The first image seen below is the SOOC {straight out of camera} image with no adjustments made.  I had my camera set to JPEG, though I typically shoot in RAW, so my camera made some slight adjustments to the image for me in-camera.  I may talk more about that in an upcoming post, but for now let's keep it simple.

I didn't really need my ISO set so high because I had ample window light in the room, but I was a bit too excited about my new room arrangement so I didn't really look at my ISO before I started shooting.  Anyway, here is my SOOC image; camera settings were: ISO 1250, 50mm 1.2, 1/5000.

I started by using the spot healing brush in Photoshop to remove the scratch on Eisley's nose.  My general rule in editing is to remove or alter only non-permanent blemishes, unless for some reason that's a part of the character of the image.  Since Eisley doesn't always have a scratch on her face and because I don't want that to be distracting, I went ahead and removed it.  I then ran two different actions in Photoshop, the first is a film-like shift and the second is a Black and White conversion.  An "action" is simply a series of recorded steps in Photoshop that can be repeated on any given image.  There are several talented PS Action creators out there and if you'd like more information about the actions I used here, simply leave a comment below or send me an email.

So, here are my two finished images:


And if you're wondering what some of the photography jargon used in this post means, you might consider attending one of my upcoming CLICK: Photography Basics Classes.  Email me for more info!

Finding the Light | Photography How-to | Life at Home

A few days ago, my husband and I decided to finally re-arrange our master bedroom furniture in order to expose the large window in our room. Because we live in a half-duplex, there is an entire side of our house that is a shared wall with our neighbor and therefore has no windows.  This causes our home to be a bit on the dark side but as a natural light photographer, I long for light, bright rooms and am now on a mission to make whatever changes I can to get more light in our home.  I'm also trying to convince him to let me sell our sofa so I can expose the window in the living room too.  It's not looking like that will happen any time soon, but a girl can dream.  Or, a girl could list the sofa on Craig's List and hope said husband doesn't notice :0)  Hmmmm...Probably not, though.

Anyway, I'm loving the new bedroom setup and thought I might show you all a behind-the-scenes look at how I'm using the newly uncovered window light for photography purposes.  The headboard used to back up to the window in the photo below.  By moving the bed to the wall, the window is now exposed along with all of it's glorious natural light.  Because I have cream panel curtains, the light gets diffused almost like a large soft box.  The result is more even, softer light.

I decided to try out the new setup by taking a few candid shots of my kids in front of the window.


And here are some of the shots I got.


Techie info: Canon 5d MkII, 50mm 1.2L, ISO 500

I'm in love with the two black and white images and will be ordering mounted prints of each to hang in our living room.  I'll be sure to post that little project along with another photo project I'm working on this year simply called: Yearbook. More to come on that soon.