Earrings for India | Mission Trip Fundraising

This November, I'll be going on my very first mission trip, traveling along with my husband and two of our good friends to India.  The men will be teaching a pastor's conference while Andea and I will be spending time with the orphans, widows, and staff wives of a wonderful organization called Vision Nationals.  While I'm a bit nervous about the flight, the food, and leaving my kids behind for a week, I'm really excited to see what the church in India is like and experience a culture that's much different from my own.  I know it will be a humbling, eye-opening experience, and I'm honored that I get to go.

As I prepare and study for our trip, I'll be sharing those experiences, as well as the trip itself here on the blog. As part of our fundraising efforts to cover travel costs, I'll be selling some handmade items here as well.  The proceeds from these Earrings for India will go towards covering costs such as vaccines, passport fees, and other related out-of-pocket expenses.   If you would like more information on prayer needs or how to sponsor our trip, please feel free to contact me.   

Here's just a sample of what I'm currently selling:

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