Gather Retreat Girls | Part 1

Here are three of the fifteen women who came to East Texas in April for the Gather Retreat.  After spending a good chunk of time in hair and makeup, each of us had a turn in front of the camera and for team photography--a large chunk of time behind it.  I was so blessed to meet many of the attendees for the first time that weekend, and spend some time with those I already knew and love.  That said, here is part 1 of many Gather related posts to come.

A Glimpse of Gather | The Table


This past weekend Gather took place out in East Texas.  Gather is a creative women's retreat that I, along with two friends, have been planning for the last few months.  In short, the weekend was amazing--all that I had dreamed it would be and more.  In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing many posts about the weekend.  But, because it will take me a bit of time to go through all of the images I took {which was a lot more than I normally do}, and because I need to nap today while my kiddos nap, I just wanted to share one for the time being.

The picture above was our Saturday evening meal/collaboration project we called "The Table".  Beautiful setting, beautiful women, and delicious food enjoyed under a setting sun--that's the things dreams are made of, the kind of thing you see in movies.  But this was real life.  It was bliss.

A Dream Come True | The Gather Retreat

A few months ago, I approached Brandon with and idea.  Now, this isn't unusual for me because I've kind of always been a dreamer.  In my mind, I have many ideas that have all become really successful in my dream world.  I'm not sure how many ideas I've told him about--some better than others--most of which never really make it to the light.  But this one was different.

The dream was born out of a desire to see other women like myself come together, not just to gush about Pinterest and the like, but to bring all their talents together to share in a collective worship experience.  It's a simple idea, and not a new one by any means, but it's a worthy idea.  It's a beautiful idea.  I want to see Jesus honored in each of the roles we operate in–as wives, moms, singles, professionals, artists, worshippers–and to see him honored well in each of those.  I want to see a movement of women who long to use their creative gifting to bring glory to their Creator, and to take great joy in the process.

So, in just a few months time, that idea has become a reality.  During the weekend of April 22nd, the first Gather Retreat will take place in East Texas.  Fourteen women will come together to spend a weekend reflecting on the Lord, how he created us, and who he is calling us to be.  We will dine together and share stories, pray with one another and talk about how we can take temporal pleasures and give them eternal purpose.

It is both thrilling and humbling that this is all really happening.  Big thanks to my friends Andea Patronella and Lauren Allen for their help in getting all of it going--you are both a blessing.

The retreat is now full, but if you would like to read a bit more about Gather, simply click on the picture below.