Photo Sessions

Gather Retreat Girls | Part 1

Here are three of the fifteen women who came to East Texas in April for the Gather Retreat.  After spending a good chunk of time in hair and makeup, each of us had a turn in front of the camera and for team photography--a large chunk of time behind it.  I was so blessed to meet many of the attendees for the first time that weekend, and spend some time with those I already knew and love.  That said, here is part 1 of many Gather related posts to come.

Olivia at the Beach | Photo Session

Summer has arrived!  Sand, sun, heat and humidity were all waiting with open arms to greet my family to Houston last week, along with the opportunity for two quick photo shoots. Here's a look at the first one, little Olivia.  I believe this is the fourth time I've photographed her, and each time her hair is longer and lovlier, and she moves just a little bit quicker.

While this session took place at Sylvan Beach in La Porte, I wonder if there would be any interest from those in the Gulf Coast area for Bolivar Beach Fall Sessions.  If that sounds appealing to you, would you leave me a comment below?  Sometimes it's nice to venture away from the beloved wooded backgrounds I typically shoot, and the beach is much more bearable when the weather isn't quite so cruel.  

Chilli | Bridals

A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend Chilli and Carlos' wedding.  The location was picturesque to say the least; a rolling hill covered with wildflowers, overlooking a pond.  A reception in a crisp red barn.  Simply lovely. And while I didn't photograph the wedding, I did get the chance to do bridal portriats at a nearby rose garden for the beautiful Chilli.  

If you missed Chilli and Carlos' engagement photos, you can see those here.